I Feel the Love by Discase

Mirabilis Records getting deeper with Discase and their I Feel The Love single backed with two potent remixes, courtesy of Ernst & Werner and Kevin Meyer.

I Feel the Love by Discase Photo by Mirabilis Records

The original aiming at causing a stir on the dancefloor with its deep and sexy bassline while the clean but pushing groove with rolling snares paves the way to the melodic synth lines that add the atmosphere, while the sensual vocal sample adds the extra crisp.

Ernst & Werner deliver a more techy interpretation with a driving skippy groove with cleverly programmed percussion and a rolling low end bassline and add some raw synth riffs that really give the edge to their remix.

Kevin Meyer opt goes on a more classic tip with a housier interpretation that is based around a hooky piano chord riff. The groove is quite raw and along with the sensual bassline and the extra synth apreggio action combined with a cleaver use of the vocal sample, this marks a perfect closer for this summer tinged package.

Discase - I Feel the Love
Release date May 2015
Label Mirabilis Records

01. I Feel the Love (Original Mix)
02. I Feel the Love (Ernst & Werner Remix)
03. I Feel the Love (Kevin Meyer)

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