Indigo by Alican

Part two of Connected’s special double-headed 9th release comes from Alican, a DJ and producer from Istanbul, where he runs one of Europe’s finest clubs in Indigo.

Indigo by Alican Photo by Connected

This is a sister release to the release from heavyweight Flashmob, who hails from Italy, a country with - on paper - very differing views cultural and religious views. However, the music from these artists forms a new axis, and reminds us that house and techno when experienced in their native environment can bring people together, break down barriers and have them enjoy themselves without prejudices and fears that governments often preach.

A real pillar of the Turkish scene since the turn of the millennium, Alican’s music comes on Get Physical and Global Underground, he has his own radio show and also runs the Teknikal Rotation label. Here he conjures mental images of desolate landscapes one moment and beauty in urban claustrophobia the next.

Opener ‘Big Screen’ is a fantastically fulsome techno track with wiry electronics, withering chords and a real sense of building tension in the drums. Alien vocals lend a spooky feel and it is a fine opener. The atmospheric ‘Carrion’ then offers a more spacious and stripped back feel, with arpeggiated synths, big rubber drums and watery sounds all pairing physicality with real emotion.

On ‘Resochord’ spine tingling pads ride up and down the scale as a percolating bassline drives things along. Lots of freaky melodies fill in the airwaves and make for a truly off kilter track that will standout in any set. The excellent title track is a smooth deep house affair with poised bass, driving drums and urban sonic landscape that sucks you right in and ‘ExTwins’ feat Soner Ince shuts things down with a steamy whispered vocal, bobbling bass and slick kicks that are truly electrifying.

This is a powerful EP, and when paired with the concept behind it, it packs an even more striking and poignant punch.

Alican - Indigo
Release Date 23rd September 2016
Label connected

1. Big Screen
2. Carrion
3. Resochord
4. Indigo
5. Ex Twins feat. Soner Ince

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