Interview with Erick Morillo

Maggie Stein caught up with Erick Morillo to discuss Pacha NYC...

Interview with Erick Morillo Photo by Maggie Stein

What about the New York version of Pacha makes it stands out from the other Pacha clubs?
We try to bring the New York style grittiness and combine it with Pacha’s Mediterranean feel. We add some fabulousness and that’s Pacha New York!

Do the Pacha Nightclubs share a design/look or does each have its own unique design/look?
All branches have their own design but they tie together through carefully thought out design that has careful regard to an inspiration.

Does every room have its own DJ booth or will the main floor music pump throughout the club?
Yes and Yes, we have three separate booths on different floors but the music from the main floor can also play on all floors if we want.

Will every night & every room be playing house music?
Hell no! In the main room the sounds will range from all kinds of house to techno to progressive. Upstairs we will even it out with hip-hop and deep house and downstairs it’s ‘anything goes,’ we will play rock, new wave, booty bass, whatever!

Is there already a weekly line up of DJ's/parties? If so what is it?
We have special events lined up that we are really excited about. December 16 we are hosting Mix the Vibe’s 15th Anniversary with Josh Wink and Doc Martin, Angel Moraes and Hex Hector will play on Saturday, December 17, Steve Lawler will be here on Friday, December 30. New Years weekend we have Carl Cox for New Years Eve and the Saint At Large will be here on January 1 with Chris Cox and David Knapp. It’s a mix and there is a lot more to come! Check for updates.

What night will you be spinning at Pacha?
I am doing the grand opening tonight and I will be playing again on Friday, December 23rd. I will be back at the club twice a month ( FYI: Dates are Feb 3, 19 March 17, April 7, 21, May 5, 19 June 2 July 3)

For those just discovering you, how would you describe your sound?
It’s like having hot, sweaty, thumping sex.

How involved will your label subliminal records be in Pacha? Will we be seeing your artists perform/DJ there? Will there be special subliminal parties?
There will be special Subliminal Sessions like the opening tonight and we will be hosting all Subliminal artists and DJs in due time.

What is the best night for a gay crowd to go to Pacha NY?
Every night because Pacha is all about a great vibe, not sexual orientation.

Do you think Pacha NY will help bring dance/house more to the forefront of American pop culture?
Yes, the reason being that not only are we catering to clubbers with one of the best sound and light systems in the country, we are bridging the gap with Pacha by also catering to the fashion and celebrity crowd.

Maggie Stein Guest Writer