La Valle La B EP by DJ Deep & Traumer

French producers DJ Deep and Traumer pair up for their debut on Radio Slave’s Rekids with the stunning La Valle La B EP.

La Valle La B EP by DJ Deep & Traumer Art by Rekids

A key component in Parisian techno since the 1990s, DJ Deep's influence is indisputable whether it's helming Deeply Rooted House Records, launching his own rotary DJ mixer series or his numerous appearances on Tresor Records alongside GETTRAUM founder Roman Poncet, who appears on this release as Traumer.

La Valle La B comes in three forms. The "La Deep Mix" is an echoing number complete with rhythmic percussion and rumbling bass, whilst "La Slave Mix" is a glitchier alternative featuring various subtle nuances and otherworldly atmospherics. Finally "La Spicy Mix" concludes the package with a focus on piercing synths and a compelling groove.

DJ Deep & Traumer - La Valle La B EP
Release Date 1st July 2016
Label Rekids

A1. La Valle La B (La Deep Mix)
B1. La Valle La B (La Slave Mix)
B2. La Valle La B (La Spicy Mix)

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