Lady Make Me See / Instajam by Dateless

Los Angeles-based producer Dateless returns to VIVa MUSiC with a rhythmic two-tracker entitled Lady Make Me See / Instajam featuring remixes from Sirus Hood and Shadow Child.

Lady Make Me See / Instajam by Dateless Photo by Viva Music

Over the last few years, Dateless has been on an upwards trajectory that's been difficult to ignore, performing all across the USA, Canada and Australia, whilst releasing music on key labels like Solid Grooves, Hottrax, Dirtybird, and Snatch! First appearing on remix duties to reimagine James Organ's "Substance" last year, he later dropped his debut release on VIVa MUSiC: his four-track "Funky Levan EP" in tribute to the legendary Paradise Garage resident.

Returning to the label again, "Lady Make Me See" is a stripped-back cut with rattling hats, murky low-end, and otherworldly bleeps as a soothing vocal operate throughout, whilst Sirus Hood's makeups the ante with sturdy kicks, funky bassline, and a twisted techno-inspired melody.

"Instajam" is next with its swinging rhythm built on intricate percussion - occasionally broken up by well-timed breakdowns - and catchy lyrics, making way for Shadow Child's Acid Funk Mix which concludes the package with pounding drums, filtered claps, and evolving squelchy 303 lines.

Dateless - Lady Make Me See / Instajam
Release Date July 2020
Label VIVa Music

1. Lady Make Me See
2. Lady Make Me See (Sirus Hood Remix)
3. Instajam
4. Instajam (Shadow Child Acid Funk Mix)

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