Loose Ends EP by Monophonik

India's Qilla Records heads into its 11th year in the underground with a new EP from New Delhi mainstay Monophonik.

Loose Ends EP by Monophonik Photo by Qilla Records

Shatrunjai Dewan AKA Monophonik conjures up stripped-out, intense and temperamental sounds. He is a true synth wizard who explores sound within the realm of machine-driven concepts and ideas. He mixes up an array of analog gear with modern-day digital tools to fuse inventive harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic aspects of music. Following notable support for early tunes from Ostgut Ton's Boris and The Blessed Madonna on her BBC Radio show, accomplished live performer Monophonik once again serves up the goods here.

The opener "Time Flies" is a lively cosmic adventure built on broken beats and dusty breaks. Sonar pulses drive the track forwards as expressive arps twist and turn up top. Add in the angelic vocal and you have a unique physical and emotional track. The superb "Tides" is a potent jungle rhythm whose crashing hits and turbo bass are countered by cosmic synth lines and shimmering harmonies that bring a whole new dimension.

On "Downstream," Monophonik cooks up a driving techno groove and layers in more of his exciting melodies. They feel off-grid and raw as the heavy drums bang down below and vocal coos bring some soul. The inventive "Loose Ends" brings the EP to a close in explosive fashion, with more hard-hitting and high-speed drums, interplanetary melodies, and celestial vocals all underpinned by a brilliant bassline.

Monophonik - Loose Ends EP
Release Date March 2022
Label Qilla Records

1. Time Flies
2. Tides
3. Downstream
4. Loose Ends

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