Lost Alchemy by Idem Nevi

Idem Nevi returns to his Requested Soul Records imprint this month with his latest album Lost Alchemy.

Lost Alchemy by Idem Nevi Photo by Requested Soul Records

Influenced by the likes of Paul Kalkbrenner, Extrawelt, Jon Hopkins, and Recondite, Toulouse-born techno live-act and producer Idem Nevi's humble beginnings playing at small local venues soon burgeoned into touring Europe alongside Regal and Agents Of Time. Having founded Requested Soul Records in 2020 as an outlet for his productions, receiving support from Richie Hawtin, Charlotte De Witte, Marcel Fengler, 747, and Slam, Nevi makes a fierce return to his brainchild after a brief hiatus with his ten-track album, "Lost Alchemy".

This album is quite special to me as this is the project that helped me to stay "on my feet" during these past two years during the pandemic. The creative process was as messy as my life during this period but led to the creation of "Lost Alchemy". What is kind of funny is that my life got back into place gradually at the same time as I was finishing the album.

From raving to returning to a regular job and changing cities twice due to a tough separation, I tried to keep creating music. "Lost Alchemy" reflects all we lost during this period, seeking a new balance in life amongst change. All this led to what I can call a dancefloor-oriented album full of melodies, melancholia and heavy beats. It combines the deep feelings and raw emotions from mind during this strange period, and compared to a lot of techno albums maybe, I really tried to tell a story from the first track to the last, and would recommend listening in full to get what I'm aiming to express.
Idem Nevi

The term "start as you mean to go on" rings true with "Lost Alchemy" as each track carries a heavy, yet emotive resonance throughout. Opening production "Midnight Shuffle Drive" carries ghostly pads over a pummeling bass before "Darj" serves up tough analog work and further eerie harmonies. "Lust" is a ravey affair boasting warped samples and haunting vocals ahead of the raw acid tones of "Wanderland" and the blissful synths and pounding drums of "House Of The Ancient". Next, deep and dubby tones shape the broken beat "Lutece", while the title track "Lost Alchemy" is a more atmospheric voyage, as dreamlike stabs ride a cavernous beat. "Motorclock" enters shadowy realms offering fast-paced percussion and a dark, twisted bassline, prior to the galactic workings of "Misanthrope" and the cinematic journey of closing track ‘Amnesia'.

Idem Nevi - Lost Alchemy
Release Date May 2022
Label Requested Soul Records

1. Midnight Shuffle Drive
2. Darj
3. Lust
4. Wanderland
5. House Of The Ancient
6. Lutece
7. Lost Alchemy
8. Motorclock
9. Misanthrope
10. Amnesia

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