Love Thy Neighbor by NVNTR

NVNTR launches his eponymous imprint with the first single Love Thy Neighbor, featuring vocals sampled from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Love Thy Neighbor by NVNTR Art by NVNTR Music

NVNTR is the electronic moniker of DJ and producer David Tisch. Having produced under the names DJ DT and Phase One, this Detroit-based talent has worked with Thomas Barnett since the late-nineties and released "The Subway" on Barnett's Visillusion imprint last year. He now adds to his discography with the latest offering, "Love thy Neighbor" featuring a vocal sample from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"Love thy Neighbor" is a deep, melancholic affair with famous spoken-word vocals that add vital significance to this dubby and alluring record. Syncopated drums layover haunting tones and slashing synths to sweep listeners off their feet. The "Love Thy Remix" rounds out proceedings in style via storming oscillations, atmospheric builds, and emphatic percussion, providing a ravey, electronic workout with an acidic aesthetic.

NVNTR - Love Thy Neighbor
Release Date April 2021
Label NVNTR Music

01. Love thy Neighbor
02. Love thy Neighbor (Love Thy Remix)

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