Lucidflow presents Nadja Lind & Friends Pt.2

With Lucidflow defying convention and going analog in the last year, it makes sense for them to tap into their pool of friends and admirers for the latest in their vinyl releases.

Lucidflow presents Nadja Lind & Friends Pt.2 Photo by Natascha Romboy Photography

Since opening their digital doors in 2009, Lucidflow has built up quite a following of admirers; luminaries such as Slam, Hernan Cattaneo, Joris Voorn, Vince Watson, Steve Rachmad, Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Guy J and many more have checked in since inception to get a piece of the action.

Nadja Lind & Friends is a collection of works with some of the Lucidflow family and a chance for long-time supporters of the esteemed Berlin-based imprint to own something more tangible: Nadja Lind teams up with G-Man (aka LFO), UGLH, Omar Salgado, Deep Spelle and Brendon Moeller.

The Nadja Lind & Friends Pt. 1 Vinyl edition incl. Brendon Moeller, Omar Salgado, and a Chris Lattner remix were released 30.03.2014 on vinyl. This is part two and it promises even more delicious sounds.

Various Artists - Nadja Lind & Friends Pt.2
Release date 24th August 2015
Label Lucidflow Records

1. Nadja Lind, G-Man - Verboten
2. Nadja Lind, Omar Salgado - Circo Loco
3. Nadja Lind, UGLH - Feeling
4. Nadja Lind, Deep Spelle - Holographic Universe
5. Nadja Lind, Brendon Moeller - Saharan Night (Trinity Remix)

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