Madhouse presents Madhouse Ibiza 2016

Late May will see Madhouse Records release Madhouse Ibiza 2016, featuring material from Till Von Sein, La Fleur, Jammhot, and many more.

Madhouse presents Madhouse Ibiza 2016 Photo by Madhouse Records

The long running Madhouse Records imprint is still very much a driving force for underground house music over two decades since it’s launch in 1992. Recent months have seen head honcho Kerri Chandler make a welcome return with his collaboration and reworking of ‘Track 1’ alongside Troy Denari, as well as material from Demarkus Lewis, Voyeur and Nacho Marco. Here though we see the label push on with a look towards the summer with the various artists compilation Madhouse Ibiza 2016.

As always with Madhouse the compilation treats us to an array of soul-laden and energy fuelled house music with some notable names like Till Von Sein, who opens the compilation with his smooth hypnotic number ‘Daze’ led by chiming marimba and wandering harp patterns. Watergate’s La Fleur takes things into darker realms with ‘Vervain’ via chuggy bass hits, swirling vocal licks and murky atmospheric textures, while JammHot lays the focus on fluttering Rhodes, a snaking square wave bass hook and hooky vocal hits.

Further contributions comes from the likes of Kiko Navarro with a dub infused house workout, Sebb Junior laying down a New Jersey garage vibe and Stefano Esposito & Timmy P with a stab-led, groove driven classic house cut amongst many more. As always Madhouse delivers high quality house designed squarely at the dance floor, this time round throwing a sun drenched feel to things for the upcoming Ibiza summer.

Various Artists - Madhouse Ibiza 2016
Release Date May 2016
Label Madhouse Records

1. Till Von Sein - Daze
2. JammHot - Do Your Own Thing
3. Kiko Navarro - Yen-Shui
4. La Fleur - Vervain
5. Stefano Esposito & Timmy P - Sidewalk
6. CASSIMM - Baby You
7. Sebb Junior - Everyday
8. DJ Caspa x Mad Villains - Sounds of the Underground
9. James Benedict - Double Peace
10. Raw Underground - I Can’t Get Enough

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