MadTech Records presents MadTech Ibiza 2016

MadTech Records looks towards the approaching summer season with MadTech Ibiza 2016 comprising sixteen original exclusives for the compilation.

MadTech Records presents MadTech Ibiza 2016 Photo by MadTech Records

It’s been an exciting start to the year for MadTech Records with the release of Max Chapman’s debut long player and releases from key players Solardo and Bontan, here we see the label look forward to the incoming summer with an Ibiza focused compilation featuring a broad spectrum of hotly tipped and up and coming producers.

Across the sixteen tracks MadTech welcomes back some of its key artists such as Max Chapman with his energy fuelled ‘Paravana’, Alexis Raphael’s snaking, groove-led ‘Sink The Studio’, Solardo’s dark and brooding ‘Music Save My Life’ and No Artificials Colours’ hypnotic house fuelled ‘Daze’. Some other exciting artists on the rise turn in their contributions such as Montel, Jhonsson, Latmun, and Lance Morgan, while MadTech once again shines lines of some of the emerging talents the label has unearthed from across the globe return such as Apollo 84, Holt Blackheath, Stefano Esposito and many more.

Various Artists - MadTech Ibiza 2016
Release Date May/June 2016
Label MadTech Records

1. Latmun - Quantum
2. Jhonsson - Inside Beatz
3. Max Chapman - Paravana
4. Alexis Raphael - Sink The Studio
5. Truth Be Told - Tone Def
6. Moises - Personal Rambling
7. James Dexter - Daydreaming
8. Mr Jefferson - Step Back
9. Waitz - Get Into It
10. Lance Morgan - Let Loose
11. Montel - Rhythm Of Change
12. Solardo - Music Saved My Life
13. Holt Blackheath - Want You
14. Apollo 84 - Deception
15. Stefano Esposito - Keep On
16. No Artificial Colours - Daze

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