Magic by Jordan John & Mavhungu

Jordan John & Mavhungu combine to hair-raising effect on the heavenly Afro house single, Magic, courtesy of Ameme's New York label, One Tribe Records.

Magic by Jordan John & Mavhungu Art by One Tribe Records

Swiss-Caribbean, Beatport chart-topping artist Jordan John sits at the intersection of Melodic & Afro sounds and has taken his spellbinding sounds to audiences worldwide. He has released captivating albums such as "Who Is Jordan John" to great acclaim from press DJs such as Bedouin, Solomun, and Steve Lawler, as well as collaborative LPs like "Baby Blue" with Space Motion & Charlotte OC.

His music has been used in Netflix shows and featured on high-profile event premiers, setting the tone for a fast-paced 2024 season off this brilliant new single. South African vocalist Mavhungu joins forces with Jordan John. She has worked with and supported the likes of Jimpster, Black Coffee, Themba, and Diplo, and her music has peaked in the Top 5 Beatport Afro House worldwide.

The perfectly titled "Magic" is the sort of life-affirming track you want to hear in a fluid sunrise within the jungles of paradise to the sunsets of a glistening beach setting - a spiritual Afro-house sermon with rousing vocals and delicately deep grooves. It's peppered with subtle drum fills, organic percussion, and sensational melodies as the vocals grow more stirring and passionate, leaving the dance floor transfixed as Mavhungu screams "Haye Haye ndi kule," invoking a sense of home, safety, and embodiment.

Jordan John & Mavhungu - Magic
Release Date 26th January 2024
Label One Tribe Records

1. Magic
2. Magic (Extended Mix)
3. Magic (Instrumental)

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