Mazes & Monoliths EP by A Sagittariun

A Sagittariun debuts on Radio Slave's Rekids with the three-track Mazes & Monoliths EP.

Mazes & Monoliths EP by A Sagittariun Art by Rekids

Following releases for the likes of Hypercolour, Idle Hands, and Craigie Knowes, the Elastic Dreams boss has carved out a rep for a widescreen, psychedelic take on electronic music that jumps from dub, ambient, and electronica to pelting techno. Here, for Rekids, the Bristolian producer indulges his weightier influences to deliver a release that was literally made for the label.

Rekids is a label I have loved, followed, and supported since day one, and so the three tracks on the Mazes and Monoliths EP were most definitely produced with the spirit of the label's output in mind, as well as pouring the right amount of psychedelic brew onto these three stompers.
A Sagittariun

Stumbling, off-kilter drums open the release on "Inner Frontier", moving into a breakdown of synthesized bliss, as a barrage of FM tones dart across the stereo spectrum before the familiar thud of the 4/4 kick returns.

On the flip, "Annihilating Rhythm" twists and turns through flanged-out percussion and gritty synthesis before the sound of a car and the titular vocal sample flies through the mix, destined to generate mayhem on dancefloors. Rounding off the release, "Timewave" links metallic percussion and sizzling acid basslines for an unrelenting late-night techno excursion.

A Sagittariun - Mazes & Monoliths EP
Release Date April 2021
Label Rekids

01. Inner Frontier
02. Annihilating Rhythm
03. Timewave

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