Melt! Festival 2024

For over 26 years, Melt! Festival has set new standards on the international festival circuit and it will continue to do so in 2024.

Melt! Festival 2024. Photo by Alicia Creupelandt/Melt! Festival Photo by Alicia Creupelandt/Melt! Festival

The Melt! Festival, surrounded by the calm waters of Lake Gremmin and the steely silence of the iron city, is filled with the musical noise of one of Germany's standout lineups. Camping is a must at this German festival, and the open-air museum of an abandoned coal factory marks this as a one-of-a-kind venue to visit. 

For 26 years, the hottest artists and bands in the world, and with them thousands of music enthusiasts, have come to a small town between Berlin and Leipzig. There, in the shadows of disused coal excavators, on the edge of a lake, and in the middle of forests, they celebrate the diversity of music and culture together for four days. Between quiet and loud, mainstream and subculture, zeitgeist and future, they dance together and escape everyday life.

Between beautiful beaches and massive iron giants, all of the lifestyle and fashion scene’s music connoisseurs and trendsetters gather, melting into a limitless creative flow thanks to an authentic affinity for underground music culture capturing the zeitgeist. At Melt, genre borders are broken down as well: vibes on all stages oscillate between hard techno sets, soulful sax samples, grungey guitar riffs, thumping 808s, and punchlines.

When 11-13th June 2024
Where Ferropolis, Germany

Ahadadream / Amandus 99 & Danziger 99 / Anotr / Aroma Pitch / Art School Girlfriend / A Song For You / Bar Italia / Bashkka / Bitter Babe B2B Nick León / Bonobo (DJ-set) / Byron Yeates / Cobrah / Crush3d / Dangerous Dreaming / Dchm / Diggidaniel / DJ Heartstring / DJ Koze / DJ Mell G B2B Helena Hauff / DJ Spit / Eartheater / Eris Drew / Evin / Ferrari Rot / Fka.M4a / Freddy K / Funk Assault / Funk Tribu / Geo22 / Haaizey B2B Nana Tranquillo / Hello Sasy / Honey Dijon / Horsegiirl / Isabella / Isabella Lovestory / Jada / James Blake / Jasper Tygner / Jayda G / Job Jobse / John Glacier / Kaeto / Kalte Liebe (Live) / Kenya Grace / Kettama / Ki/Ki (Live) / Lola Haro / Lovefoxy / Malugi / Marcel Dettmann B2B Vtss / Marlon Hoffstadt / Marrøn / Maruwa / No Guidnce / Nusantara Beat / Obongjayar / Ok Williams / Paula Hartmann / Pretty Girl (Live) / Quest / Romy / S-candalo / Sampha / Schwefelgelb (Live) / Sedaction / Sedef Adasi / Sega Bodega / Sita / Skepta / Slayyyter / Soft Crash / Southstar / Sugababes / Surf 2 Glory / Teleshop / Ultraflex / Vegyn (Live) / X Club. + many more

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