Modulations EP by Gotshell & Jeroen Search

Techno titans Gotshell and Jeroen Search combine talents for a spellbinding new release on Mind Medizin, backed with a remix from fellow luminary Cari Lekebusch.

Modulations EP by Gotshell & Jeroen Search Art by Mind Medizin

Colombian Gotshell and Dutchman Jeroen Search have worked together before on the likes of Be As One, where they explored a stylish and future-facing sound. They have been making music individually for over a decade, but now, in cahoots, they are tapping into all-new creative reserves, as shown here.

The opener "Modulation 01" brings driving drum programming and mind-melting synths that are tightly interlaced up top. The percussion keeps a fast time, and the effect is sure to be pure dance floor chaos. Things get more unruly on "Modulation 02," which has a squelchy bassline looping under the thudding kicks. All manner of tripped-out sci-fi details circle the groove, and hammering hits ensure the pressure never lets up.

Remixer Cari Lekebusch is a pioneer of his Swedish scene who has also made his mark on the international scene thanks to releases on tastemaking labels like Drumcode, but mostly his H. Productions. His version is stripped back and heads down - a pure and fantastic linear techno roller that races through a sparse urban metropolis and grows ever more hard and dark.

Gotshell & Jeroen Search - Modulations EP
Release Date February/March 2024
Label Mind Medizin

01. Modulation 01
02. Modulation 02
03. Modulation 02 (Cari Lekebusch Remix)

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