More artists added to Spirit of Burgas 2013

The Editors, Paul Oakenfold, and Dub Fx join the ever-growing line up at the Spirit of Burgas 2013 Festival at the end of July in the always sunny Black Sea town of Burgas, Bulgaria.

More artists added to Spirit of Burgas 2013 Photo by Evlear Magazine

Editors will be in Bulgaria for the first time after accepting the invitation of the most massive and highly anticipated music festival in the country - SPIRIT of Burgas 2013. The Birmingham five - Tom Smith (vocalist, guitarist and pianist), Russel Leetch (bassist, backing vocalist), Ed Lay (drums, backing vocals, percussion), Justin Lockey (guitarist) and Elliot Williams (clavier, back vocals) will perform on stage tracks of their latest, 4th studio album The Weight of Your Love which is going to be released in the beginning of July this year.

The legacy of Editors starts in 2002 and continues for more than a decade bringing to the table 3 platinum albums. The band slowly but surely reached the status of one of the biggest European contemporary rock groups, acclaimed and cherished by the music critics. They won their fans over immediately by shocking them, entertaining them and by pushing their buttons. Their debut album The Black Room from 2005 with hits such as “Munich” and “Blood” is nominated for the most prestigious music awards in the field of alternative rock. The next one "An End Has A Start" reached the top spot of The UK Album Chart by July 2007 and received a nomination in the BRITs. Their third album In the Light and On This Evening hit the stores and iTunes in October 2009 and just in one month it was number one in The UK Album Chart. Now their fans are looking forward to their fourth album The Weight of Your Love which is the next step in the saga after the first three well-received records.

It nearly didn’t happen - says Tom Smith, envisioning the process of making The Weight of Your Love . In the midst of its recording one member left the group and two new musicians joined in. But this certainly is, in many ways, a new beginning for us as band- continues the vocalist. In the last year a ton of strange stuff happened to the group members, including tonsillitis for Tom, setting up a new configuration and a few moments of doubt, but it seems that all of it only tested their courage as a whole and made them a stronger and more cohesive band.

According to the front man, the album has established itself as an electro-rock record, which is apt to catch off guard in the good way even the fans, who think they are prepared for its sound. And it seems he is right, because for the first time in any EDITORS’s songs there are horns included and the back vocals and Tom’s vocals complement each other in quite a peculiar way.

Along with being critically acclaimed and chart-topping, EDITORS have been touring and selling out concerts right off the bat. They headlined festivals such as: Rock Werchter 2013, Glastonbury, T in The Park, Reading festival etc. And now, finally, they are heading to Eastern Europe and will perform for the first time on Bulgarian stage, none other than the loudest, the main stage of SPIRIT of Burgas 2013.

One of the most significant names in electronic music scene Paul Oakenfold confirmed his gig on SPIRIT of Burgas 2013. The legendary DJ will join the most famous trance trio Above & Beyond on the first day of the festival at Solar Dance Arena.

Paul Oakenfold has been described as one of the most influential DJs in the world's most prestigious media. He is recorded in the book of Guinness precisely with this nickname. He has been nominated twice for a Grammy artist and is a living legend, which is difficult to enumerate the merits for contemporary music scene. Not surprisingly, Madonna chose namely Paul Oakenfold as his warm-up DJ. In addition to the Queen of Pop, he is the author of a number of remixes of Justin Timberlake, The Rolling Stones, U2, Snoop Dogg, Muse, New Ordar, The Cure, Massive Attack and many more. He is the soundtrack composer of "The Matrix", "Die Another Day", “Pirates of the Caribbean", "Shrek 2”, etc.

The Legendary Paul Oakenfold joins the most famous trance trio Above & Beyond on the first day of the SPIRIT of Burgas

The next night, July 28, the scene of Solar Dance Arena will become the center of street art and urban culture, thanks to the live performance of Dub FX. Australian Ben Stanford will delight audiences with his creative music that he himself created with his loop station.

Dub FX acquires its worldwide popularity through the video "Love someone" in Youtube. It represents yet another street performance of the musician, but this time shot with a professional camera. Circulated on the Internet, the video reaches millions of people who noticed him in his natural talent to create music in their own unique way.

Dub FX’s music is a mixture of beatboxing, reggae, dub, hip-hop and some drum and bass. Their lyrics never fail to make a statement in the field of modern utilitarianism. They sought success in the social media by sharing a variety of free samples, meanwhile the group never stopped travelling all around the world and had many street performances.

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