MT001 by Marlon Hoffstadt

Late May will see Marlon Hoffstadt launch his new Midnight Themes imprint with a four-track EP of all original material from the German artist.

MT001 by Marlon Hoffstadt Photo by Midnight Themes

Berlin’s Marlon Hoffstadt has been steadily carving out a name for himself over the past few years via his Retrograde imprint and his own productions, most notably his critically acclaimed collaborative works with Chicago House legend Paris Brightledge and most recently a release on DJ Haus’ Hot Haus imprint accompanied by a Vin Sol remix. Amongst this Marlon has been regularly running his event series at Chalet club on his home turf, welcoming the likes of FIT Siegel, Telephones and Seb Wildblood to play alongside him.

Here though we see Hoffstadt inaugurate his new imprint Midnight Themes, opening with ‘Cyclin Since 94’ and its airy pad lines, crunchy rhythms and acid tinged arpeggios before ‘The Power Of Now’ offers a more stripped-back aesthetic, laying focus on distorted percussion, dynamic 303 bass leads, resonant synth licks and cosseting chords.

On the flip Hoffstadt leads with ‘Chemical Romance’ as the name would suggest a dazed and hypnotic fusion of wandering leads, swirling dub echoes and robust drums before ‘Mutual Desire’ rounds out the package on a smooth and ethereal tip.

Marlon Hoffstadt - MT001
Release Date 29th May 2017
Label Midnight Themes

1. Cyclin Since 94
2. The Power Of Now
3. Chemical Romance
4. Mutual Desire

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