Music Is Life by Bushwacka! & Carl Cox feat. Chuck Roberts

Electronic Titans Bushwacka! & Carl Cox have come together for an epic new single, Music Is Life, feat. Chuck Roberts on Oblong Records.

Music Is Life by Bushwacka! & Carl Cox feat. Chuck Roberts Photo by Oblong Records

This pair barely needs an introduction - Carl Cox is the globally renowned face of electronic music. He was there in the earliest days of the scene playing illegal raves and still leads from the front with his Intec label and electrifying DJ sets worldwide. Fellow Brit innovator Bushwacka! was also there at the birth of acid house and is renowned for laying down the blueprint of the first wave of tech-house. He has crafted many seminal tunes, collaborates with legends and new school stars, and never stops evolving.

It's such a great vibe and there is nothing that sounds like it right now. It's paving the way forward. 
Carl Cox

Every time this gets played, the dance floor goes bonkers - it's really special, and busting with energy.

They're not wrong. The vast "Music Is Life" (Main Mix) features Chuck Roberts, the universally recognized voice of house music. He delivers rhythmic vocal and wordless ad-libs that heighten the bouncing energy of the track and intensify the groove. The drums are heavy, the snares are raw and militant, and the twitchy synths ensure brains will be boggled when this one is heard loud. The Deep Mix is stripped back and rides on rubbery drums and bass. Smeared synths bring warmth and soul to late-night sessions full of atmosphere.

Bushwacka! & Carl Cox feat. Chuck Roberts - Music Is Life
Release Date 28th July 2023
Label Oblong Records

01. Music Is Life (Main Mix)
02. Music Is Life (Deep Mix)
03. Music is Life (Radio Edit)

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