Naux presents Eleve 8

The rejuvenated Circa '99 label is back with another house curveball, this time from multi-talented Frenchman Naux.

Naux presents Eleve 8 Photo by Circa '99

Naux began as a drummer in jazz groups at a young age and has since become an accomplished solo producer who has signed music to labels worldwide. His sound is influenced by the magic of the French touch scene and comes with plenty of characterful samples. He recently started a new live house duo Frr Fonk and brought real class again here with his latest outing.

The "Eleve 8" track is a superbly uplifting house track that never stops rising. The loopy synths circle ever higher, the bouncing bass props them up, and intelligent vocal sounds are smeared into the mix to bring the soul. The production is warm and full of irresistible color, making it perfect for happy parties.

Naux - Eleve 8
Release Date 30th June 2023
Label Circa '99

01. Naux - Eleve 8

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