Never Wanted To Be by Atsou, Umami & Djupa Hav

Bedouin's versatile Human By Default imprint enlists Atsou, Umami & Djupa Hav for their new single Never Wanted To Be.

Never Wanted To Be by Atsou, Umami & Djupa Hav Art by Human By Default

"Never Wanted To Be" is a collaboration between multi-genre artists Atsou, Umami, and Djupa Hav, featuring three tracks demonstrating the wealth of experience between these artists. Madorasindahouse's Atsou, who has played a significant role in the Afro House genre for the past few years, makes his debut on the label alongside the rock, jazz, and electronic-influenced duo Umami, who have seen their previous releases on Human by Default getting critical acclaim by DJs and dance floors around the world. And tagging along are Djupa Hav, with their first-time contribution to the label, who provided the vocals and lyrics for the songs.

Another diverse tracklist handpicked by the Bedouin pair, each offering features the ethereal beats and sweeping acoustic soundscapes that have made the Human By Default trademark.

The title track, "Never Wanted To Be," combines a mysterious vocal, a pulsing bassline, and laid-back, rhythmic drum work. "Water" follows suit amongst shifting percussive layers, a sung arpeggio, and ghostly synths. Then, with its dub version, "Serial Offender" moves through a mesh of strung, organic melodies, delicate bass pads, and sleek production.

Atsou, Umami & Djupa Hav - Never Wanted To Be
Release Date September 2023
Label Human By Default

01. Never Wanted To Be
02. Water
03. Serial Offender
04. Serial Offender (Dub Version)

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