.dev by Agoria

The album, .dev, sees the French polymath Agoria deliver a project on vinyl, digital formats, and an AI player created by ARCA and Jai Paul collaborators Bronze.

.dev by Agoria Photo by Bruno Rizzato

".dev" is yet another collaborative piece from Agoria, aka Sebastien Devaud. As well as Blasé and STS, who return after featuring on "Drift", Devaud has worked with Domino's Ela Minus, flamenco innovator Niño De Elche, and the unique hip hop delivery of Rome Fortune across the LP, with additional collaborators including Sacha Rudy and Oscar winner (The Sound of Metal), Nicolas Becker.

Sonically, the LP is Agoria presenting a kaleidoscopic haze of cinematic and evolving electronica that touches on house, techno, electro, hip hop, and beyond but beneath the aesthetics, ".dev" is the work of an artist who is asking himself questions in order to create worlds out of his answers.

Beyond looking to question the very systems of the traditional album format, his holistic approach to AI and NFT's within the thematic world of his work are laid out front and center through the visual and conceptual identity surrounding the album.

Agoria - .dev
Release Date November 2021
Label Sapiens

1. What if the dead dream feat Ela Minus
2. What if earth would turn faster feat Niño de Elche
3. Wolf Has No Street
4. What if midday was at midnite feat. Blasé
5. Reflow
6. The External
7. Echelon feat Rome Fortune
8. Swipe
9. Smoking Mirrors feat STS

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