New Cult Fear by Cardopusher

The stylistically expressive Cardopusher is next up on Boysnoize Records with a second full-length album. Named New Cult Fear, is following the 2015 Manipulator album.

New Cult Fear by Cardopusher Photo by Boysnoize Records

Venezuelan born Cardopusher is now based in Barcelona and co-founded the Classicworks label. His diverse and experimental sound takes him from techno to electro to acid to rave to house, all with his own singular perspective. Always fusing ideas with great skill on labels like Super Rhythm Trax, Zodiac 44 and BNR, he is fresh off the back of a searing EP on Zone and now comes correct with another fantastic 12 track statement.  

The immediately impactful electro-boogaloo of "Dreamjumping" kicks things off with rugged synths and tough grooves forcing you to shake your behind. Otto Von Schirach then guests on "Llegue Por La Noche", a dark, slow and sludgy track with brilliantly depraved appeal before the raw machine grooves and squelchy sounds continue through off kilter gems "Crystal Nightcap" and "Mind Eraser".

Tracks like "Drunken Incapacitants" offer strangely sensual yet still occult-ish sounds where toms, hits and icy snares are run through with female vocal sounds, and straight up floor fillers come via the brain-frying "Idol Worship" and frantic drum programming of "Just One Fixx". Throwback electro styles characterise the acid licks of "Rigid Body Dynamics" and the future robot funk of "Forbidden Zone" features more expert sound design and irresistible hi hats. Things close out with the scintillating "Wanderlust", corrugated acid slow dance that is "Falso Progreso" and blissed out comedown vibes of "TYC".

This is a complete and coherent album that showcases Cardopusher’s raw and unique styles, textures and grooves in all their sensory stimulating glory.

Cardopusher - New Cult Fear (LP)
Release Date
14th July 2017
Label Boysnoize Records

1. Dreamjumping
2. Llegue Por La Noche (feat. Otto Von Schirach)
3. Crystal Nightcap
4. Mind Eraser
5. Drunken Incapacitants
6. Idol Warship
7. Just One Fixx
8. Rigid Body Dynamics
9. Forbidden Zone
10. Wanderlust
11. Falso Progreso
12. TYC

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