Nøs presents Cantilever EP

After a superb debut from UK mainstay J1Mi, Beyonders Music is back with a second fantastic EP from collective member Nøs, one-half of pioneering drum and bass outfit Hidden Agenda.

Nøs presents Cantilever EP Art by Beyonders Music

Jason Goodings has been making music for 30 years and he has released his pioneering sounds as Hidden Agenda alongside his late brother Mark on the likes of Metalheadz, Reinforced, and Fabio's Creative Source. Later, he continued to innovate on Defunked, A-Side's Eastside, and returned to Metalheadz and Reinforced and dropped his "Whatever Happened to..." album on Swiss imprint Straight Ahead.

Now part of the collaborative project Beyonders, he continues to distill his vast array of experiences into more beautiful music that breaks free of genre restrain, as was always the idea with Beyonders, which first came about as a concept in the late 90s.

"But life got in the way of a full realization of that," says Jason Goodings. "Fast forward to today, and I am so excited to see things taking shape beyond my wildest expectations. The Cantilever EP marks a watershed moment for me personally, encapsulating all that I could imagine, undefinable, stepping beyond boldly into the future."

"Cantilever" opens with a lilting halftime rhythm scattered with drum hits and run-through with sonorous synths and lush downtempo vocals. It's an alluring late-night world of intimate sound before "The Secret" stays in jazz lounge territory. This one has shuffling drums and moody trumpet motifs floating above intimate vocal whispers to create a bluesy mood full of soul.

The brilliant "Homecrawl" melts the heart with liquid chords and sustained synths brought to life by cosmic leads and loose drum tumbles. "Eden" completes a blissful EP with busy broken beats and freeform melodies that rise and fall with persuasive, ever more compelling energy and percussive business.

Nøs - Cantilever EP
Release Date 8th December 2023
Label Beyonders Music

01. Cantilever
02. The Secret
03. Homecrawl
04. Eden

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