Orange Soda by Galo

Galo returns on South Of Saturn for his first solo outing, Orange Soda.

Orange Soda by Galo Photo by Galo/South Of Saturn

Following his 2022 "Don't Trip" collab alongside Dre Mendez and Caleb Dent on South Of Saturn, newcomer Galo goes solo on the label for its first release of the year, "Orange Soda." The Florida-based talent is a seasoned musician who has recently turned his hand to the production sphere, landing on top labels from Night Service Only to Terminal Underground and earning support from the likes of Lee Foss, John Summit & Gordo.

"Orange Soda" is a heavy-hitting drummy anthem where rumbling basslines meet rippling rhythms as a no-nonsense vocal rap gives off moody club energy.

Galo - Orange Soda
Release Date January 2024
Label South of Saturn

01. Orange Soda

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