Paragon EP by Szjerdene

The time has come to present Szjerdene's second EP, Paragon, in its blissful entirety, including two brand new singles co-written with Lapalux, Abode, and Glass Age.

Paragon EP by Szjerdene Photo by Maarten Jungen

The Paragon EP, is composed of six original tracks, each unravelling its own related tale of love, loss and self-discovery. Calling upon some of electronic music’s most exciting producers, including Quays, Glen Nicholls, and Lapalux, Szjerdene's spellbindingly pure voice and stirring melodies collide seamlessly with their own signature frameworks, resulting in a sublime, immersive collection.

Since performing and writing with Bonobo on his ‘The North Borders’, and with Lapalux for ‘Closure’ earlier this year (also included in this body of work), Szjerdene has evolved into a solo force of nature throughout 2015.

In Szjerdene’s words: "Working with Atatika is like musical alchemy. He completely understands the sound scape and dimension that my voice travels through and is best accompanied by. I had no doubt, after collaborating on ‘Blue Lullaby’ eight years ago, that I wanted to recreate something timeless with him. Writing 'Are You Here' was the perfect opportunity to purposely get lost in his palette of sound once again.
'Find Me' was written as a freestyle over an initial skeleton beat made by Quays. It's a continuation from ‘Are You Here’ in story and this time the character is talking to their inner self. A fragment from a constant stream thought of self reflection and identity: "The one I've known forever - stripped down in front of me". I flew to London to meet and work with Quays and we finished the track together.

‘Faded' marks a journey of removing yourself from a situation that’s no longer any good for you. That sober realisation that you feel towards something once the smoke and mirrors have been packed away - A tale of ‘better never, than late.’

 The journey ends where it started but this time with a new sense of self. ‘Abode’ describes an account of an out of body experience where you witness the evolved you. Never a finished product, merely a project. In this current state you realise that you are a 'Paragon' of your own virtue.

 'Glass Age' and 'Closure' are fragments of the story that Lapalux and I pieced together before the initial Paragon concept. It was amazing to have him interpret my ideas and take them to such an experimental level. The contrasts between my voice and his sound choices defined my vision for what I wanted this record to become. His approach and perspective is so fascinating, it's been an absolute pleasure and learning curve to collaborate on three songs for the EP."

Szjerdene - Paragon EP
Release Date 6th November 2015
Label Clash Music

1. Are You Here
2. Closure
3. Find Me
4. Glass Age
5. Faded
6. Abode

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