Powerplay by Ken Ishii & Kamara

Japanese Techno Veteran Ken Ishii & Dutch duo Kamara join forces for Powerplay on Rekids Special Projects.

Powerplay by Ken Ishii & Kamara Photo by Rekids Special Projects

Active for well over two decades, Techno icon Ken Ishii has chalked up a commendable discography, consistently pushing the genre forward. Teaming up with Dutch duo Kamara for the latest offering on Radio Slave's Rekids Special Projects imprint, the trio delivers two fierce techno offerings, combining their individual skills and styles into a formidable pair of tracks.

The Kamara guys contacted me one day saying they were curious about collaborating with me. I love their releases on Tronic etc and I instantly thought it would be interesting. The result is a nice combination of my glitchy sounds and Kamara's mixing and layering techniques as a live techno performer.
Ken Ishii

It has been a great experience to work with Ken who we've always revered. From the moment we connected the idea's came. "Powerplay" is about mechanics, which comes through in the sounds. The other side of the spectrum is "Quinten", which delves into the creative realms. The tracks are contrasting yet entwined, making them a nicely balanced 2 tracks.

Ken Ishii & Kamara - Powerplay
Release Date April 2023
Label Rekids Special Projects

01. Powerplay
02. Quinten

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