RAFI delivers Playa

RAFI drops Playa on the infamous South Of Saturn label this month.

RAFI delivers Playa Photo by South Of Saturn

RAFI has previously released his music on G-Spot Records and W&O Street Tracks, debuting his productions in 2021. Now reading his latest EP for Lee Foss’ South Of Saturn, the LA-based DJ and producer brings two party-heavy house cuts. "After attending a few shows over the Summer, I was inspired to make Playa and La Vista. Focusing on a less is more approach, I stripped down some elements in the mix and created something simplistic that also maintains raw energy for the dancefloor. Hope you enjoy these tracks!", said RAFI.

RAFI - Playa
Release Date February 2023
Label South Of Saturn

01. Playa
02. La Vista

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