Rave Casualty by Flashmob

This EP, Rave Casualty by Flashmob, kicks of a fascinating dual release that is not only musically excellent, but also brilliantly socially aware.

Rave Casualty by Flashmob Photo by Mattia Bonizzato

Brixton/Berlin label connected has for its next release something special that aims to draw lines between different cultures and musical traditions. It comes as two separate EPs from producers from very different countries steeped in their own cultural and relgious backgrounds and promotes harmony and understanding between the two.

The first part comes from Flashmob, an acclaimed Italian producer who runs his own label, has ties with imprints like Alan Fitzpatrick’s ESD and  Upon You (coming soon) and has always straddled the worlds of house and techno. His previous releases ‘Brick House’ and ‘Need in Me’ have been huge club hits picking up millions of plays on Youtube.  He is a house veteran who hails from Italy, a country which here represents the western culture, and is the first of the two artists to remind us that when house and techno are in their natural environments - darkened clubs and raw warehouses - all barriers between people are removed, there is nothing between us and we share a common energy, love and understanding.

Flashmob also has a weekly radio show on Ibiza Global Radio and has been collecting records and digging deep for two decades. He has put out massive anthems, has remixed the Pet Shop Boys and plays all over the world, always influencing trends with his Flashmob family of artists.

The wonky ‘Rave Casualty’ kicks things off in slick and punchy style, with jacked up house beats surging through a big warehouse space and demanding you dance. ‘Analogicat’ is another cerebral affair with deep rolling grooves and wandering synths that are full of reserved drama and tension. They suck you right in and will fill clubs with absorbing sound.  

Last of all, ‘Workout’ is a prickly cut with blistering hi hats and rugged kicks overlayed with filtered vocals that are spooky and unsettling. It is a brilliantly original offering that rounds out a fantastic EP. There will also be exclusive tracks available via Beatport and Traxsource.

Flashmob - Rave Casualty
Release Date 23rd September 2016
Label connected

1. Rave Casualty
2. Analogicat
3. Workout

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