Ruth Koleva presents Ruth

Bulgarian soul sensation Ruth Koleva is proud to announce the release of her new album, Ruth, on 28th April 2014.

Ruth Koleva presents Ruth Photo by Vasil Germanov

Born into a volatile world of corruption and hardship in post-Communist Eastern Europe, Ruth endured a difficult childhood largely spent without her mother. After finding salvation in the classics (Marvin Gaye, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole) she became tour-hardened by jaunts to far-flung destinations such as India and Thailand.

Koleva quickly developed into a rounded musician, spending an eye-opening year at the Hollywood Pop Academy and embarking on free-spirited excursions into several local scenes. More recently, Koleva has become an ambassador for the best of Bulgaria - the youngest recipient of GRAZIA's Woman of the Year award, and Best Female Singer award at 2012’s BG Radio Awards.

Koleva's ability to straddle multiple genres and tempos has made her into a highly versatile artist, which has seen her draw comparisons her contemporary, Jessie Ware. This gift and the assuredness of her songwriting is set to launch her onto the international scene. As a vocalist, her tone is imbued with warmth and sincerity, particularly when speaking on matters of love and sensuality. Inspired by such era-defining artists as Erykah Badu and Jill Scott, Ruth manages to both tip her hat to the classics which have informed her sound, while still saying something new and pushing the boundaries with the creation of this unmistakeably unique LP.

"Ruth" promises to articulate Koleva's individual expression of soul, whilst combining her silky vocals and jazz infused melodies with skilfully placed subtle synths. Her influences shine through in tracks such as "Dissonant", where the mellow rhythm of the bass guitar and soft tones encourage poignant reminiscence. While "Dizzy Love Affair", with its quicker pace and dream like ambience, makes you feel as if you were walking through the streets of Panama. "Ruth" promises a myriad experiences - exploring numerous genres, images and emotions.

Having already won support from iconic, established artists such as Mark Ronson and Andreya Triana, Koleva’s album delivers on class, fluidity, and charm. If you had no idea of the musical gifts that Bulgaria has to offer, 2014 is the year that Ruth Koleva will make you sit up and pay attention.

Ruth Koleva - Ruth
Release date 28th April 2014
Label Flat Line Collective

1. What Am I Supposed To
2. Freak and Fly
3. Turn This Around
4. Falling Back
5. Dissonant
6. Clarity
7. Better
8. Gone (feat. Stamina MC)
9. Dizzy Love Affair
10. Sista Said No
11. 4:00 Am

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