SEC005 by Keith Carnal

Amsterdam-based artist Keith Carnal is back on his Second Degree imprint this spring with four new original tracks.

SEC005 by Keith Carnal Photo by Second Degree

Growing up in the northern part of Holland, Keith Carnal has been carving out his very own corner of the techno scene for several years. Carnal has various releases on labels like Affin, ARTS, and, more recently, his Second Degree imprint, which he uses as an outlet for his material. Carnal has been busy in the studio in a year like no other, cooking up his signature atmospheric productions with sparkling tones and driving energy, and is to be yet another productive year for the prolific Dutch producer.

Tension-building cut "Passed Out on the Sofa" kicks off the EP by layering entrancing arps, humming low frequencies, and icy hit hats keeping the energy flowing before "Consumer Products" lays down resounding kicks, menacing synths which growl away above the rising pads.

Next up on the flip, "Charlie" is a fierce acid slammer featuring nasty 303s, compelling rhythms, and emotive leads that brings harmony to all the elements. Rounding off this skillfully produced release in style, "Commercial Zombies" unmasks a fizzing techno roller through dramatic atmospheres, hypnotic fx, and raw percussion in yet another impressive EP from Carnal.

Keith Carnal - SEC005
Release Date May/June 2021
Label SEC NDº

1. Passed Out on the Sofa
2. Consumer Products
3. Charlie
4. Commercial Zombies

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