Goeran Meyer presents Random Hill

Goeran Meyer keeps up the momentum in 2023 with the standout early release Random Hill on his MYR label featuring remixes from Hanna Haïs, Juli Lee, and Ivo Deutschmann.

Goeran Meyer presents Random Hill Photo by MYR

German artist Meyer put out a steady stream of artfully designed melodic electronic sounds in the last year. The audio sculptor releases most of them on his own label where he is constantly searching out fresh inspiration and evolving his moving grooves. The fact he plays live as well as DJing feeds into his improvised approach to music and lends each tune a feeling of real musical freedom.

His latest "Random Hill" is a darkly alluring and deep house sound. It's sparse and eerie, with distant percussion bringing a mechanical feel as a spoken word male vocal muses on the morals of life. Tension builds as synths grow from wispy to more dramatic and eventually sweep the dance floor off its feet and up above the stars.

Parisian Hanna Haïs, who remixed "Could Not Exist" back in the summer of 2022 and has had support from Black Coffee, then steps up. She flips the track into a spine-tingling piece of hypnotic house. The delicate synths and warm bass warp around each other to smooth and serene effect.

Juli Lee is another remixer and label regular who brings her famously stylish sounds to this EP. Her remix is a subtly uplifting and playful one with slinky rhythms and lithe synths. It's infectious, piano-laced body music with an enchanting vocal and nimble bass that really locks you in. Lastly, label friend Ivo Deutschman offers a moody and atmospheric minimal vocal mix and also a glitchy instrumental mix which completes the package.

Goeran Meyer - Random Hill
Release Date 20th January 2023
Label MYR

01. Goeran Meyer - Random Hill (Original)
02. Goeran Meyer - Random Hill (Instrumental)
03. Goeran Meyer - Random Hill (Hanna Haïs Donkela Remix)
04. Goeran Meyer - Random Hill (Juli Lee Remix)
05. Goeran Meyer - Random Hill (Ivo Deutschmann Vocal Remix)
06. Goeran Meyer - Random Hill (Ivo Deutschmann Instrumental Remix)

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