See Me EP by Rob Kali

Swedish producer Rob Kali debuts on Kittball Records with a pair of rhythmic tracks to kick-start 2018.

See Me EP by Rob Kali Photo by Rob Kali

Based in Stockholm, little is known about Rob Kali besides two separate singles on HoTL Records - the latter of which is a collaboration alongside Spanish producer David Tort. Joining Kittball, Kali presents a percussive two track affair.

"See Me" structures a medley of organic drums into a heady beat featuring a funky bassline and various atmospheric elements before "Words" ups the energy using thudding kicks whilst crunchy snares and a spoken word sample come together to forge a moody roller.

Rob Kali - See Me EP
Release Date
19th January 2018
Label Kittball Records

1. See Me
2. Words

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