Selecta EP by Joey Rich

Rarebit Records proudly presents the Selecta EP by Joey Rich, the label's fourth release and the artist's first solo project.

Selecta EP by Joey Rich Photo by Rarebit Records

The EP opens with "Pressure Selecta," an energetic track with unforgettable vocals from one of Wales's finest MCs, Fernquest. Blending House and Garage combines skippy drums, dynamic basslines, and a catchy Korg M1 melody. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience that will leave you craving more.

The second track, "Sound Boys for Life," explores groovy garage vibes with buoyant chords and a rolling bassline. It pays homage to classic influences from the likes of Jeremy Sylvester and MJ Cole while adding a modern touch. It's groove-laden with a genuinely infectious rhythm.

The "Selecta" EP on Rarebit Records showcases Joey Rich's exceptional talent and versatility as an artist, displaying his love for speed garage and his deep knowledge of the 90s house and garage era. The "Selecta EP" provides an immersive musical journey with nostalgic elements and is another surefire winner from Rarebit Records.

Joey Rich - Selecta EP
Release Date 23rd June 2023
Label Rarebit Records

1. Pressure Selecta feat Fernquest
2. Sound Boys for Life

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