Shadows of the Night by Goeran Meyer

MYR Records label head Goeran Meyer returns with more dynamic sounds on the new EP, Shadows of the Night, featuring a remix from Mario Navajo.

Shadows of the Night by Goeran Meyer Photo by MYR Records

Versatile live act, DJ, and producer Goeran Meyer is on a hot streak right now and continues to serve up profound electronic cuts that draw on his skills as a sound designer. Known for his ability to sculpt audio and lay down melodies with real meaning finely, he explores a new sound here with predictably excellent results.

First up is a superb vocal edit of "Shadows of the Night," which begins slowly and mysteriously with a percussive intro and finely tuned drum settings. After some breathtaking breaks and stirring African vocals, the track gradually builds up through rich synth arps and driving kicks that are rich in mood and sure to lock in the dance floor.

After the instrumental strips away the vocal, the collaborative "Gimme That Love" edit with Mario Navajo is another deeply absorbing, widescreen trip with deep bass and dark and moody vocals from Mario that recalls Depeche Mode. It's an involving journey that makes a striking emotional impact.

Goeran Meyer's "Shadows of the Night" EP is a refreshing and welcoming change of pace from the talented artist and one that is perfect for the summer months.

Goeran Meyer - Shadows of the Night
Release Date 11th August 2023
Label MYR

01. Shadows of the Night (Vocal Edit)
02. Shadows of the Night (Instrumental)
03. Shadows of the Night (Mario Navajo Gimme That Love edit)

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