Shake It EP by Bruno Furlan

Brazil's Bruno Furlan debuts on Lee Foss' South Of Saturn with the upfront Shake It EP.

Shake It EP by Bruno Furlan Photo by South of Saturn

Following releases on Sola, Dirtybird, and Nurvous, the São Paolo native turns his sights to South Of Saturn with Shake It EP, a three-track release of sample-driven house custom-built for hands-in-the-air moments.

Title track "Shake It" makes use of tight percussion and white noise hits alongside a deftly placed disco hook just before an effective one-note bassline hits, while "Blubokz" sees a unique interplay between vocals amongst skippy drums and blown-out low-end frequencies.

In collaboration with fellow Brazilian Ciszak, "Arriba" sees the pair deploy chopped-up vocals and raucous trumpets over knocking percussion, a fitting finish to another dancefloor-ready drop from Bruno Furlan and South Of Saturn alike.

Bruno Furlan - Shake It EP
Release Date March 2021
Label South of Saturn

1. Bruno Furlan - Shake It
2. Bruno Furlan - Blubokz
3. Bruno Furlan & Ciszak - Arriba

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