Sharping Shadow by Unklevon

French artist and Boysnoize Records mainstay Unklevon returns with more bristling electro sounds on his excellent Sharping Shadow EP.

Sharping Shadow by Unklevon Photo by Boysnoize Records

The no-nonsense Unklevon project was born after years of experimentation. It exists independently of any specific aspect of the music scene but combines all niches within the worlds of electro and techno. Unklevon debuted on this label in early 2019 and has also landed on FLASH and Nechto. His tunes have picked up notable support from Perc, Nastia, and Amelie Lens, amongst other big names, and this white label 12" is an essential offering of electronic dynamite.

The superb metallic drums of "Cyborg Romance" open with a bang. Robotic vocals, glistening synths, and punchy bass all make for classy outer space electro. The title track is another high-energy electro jam, this time with subtle nods to Kraftwerk. The slithering synth lines and vocal samples, serene cinematic atmosphere, and sleek drums all lock you in.

Things get much more dark and intense on "Venus Aktivität". The synths are eerie and haunting, the bass packed with menace, and the drums hit with intent. The excellent "NJ Breakers" is more stripped back and high speed as it races on squelchy acid bass and linear drums towards some far-off planet. Last of all is "Euroset Cobra" feat. Brodinski, a caustic world of blistering synths and lurching broken beats that casts a truly dystopian shadow on the dance floor.

Unklevon - Sharping Shadow
Release Date September 2021
Label Boysnoize Records

1. Cyborg Romance
2. Sharping Shadow
3. Venus Aktivität 
4. NJ Breakers
5. Euroset Cobra feat. Brodinski

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