Sleeping In Leather by Delicate Droids

Following on from their debut release in 2015, Superfreq welcomes the return of the mysterious funky duo known as Delicate Droids for a new three track EP.

Sleeping In Leather by Delicate Droids Photo by Superfreq

The Delicate Droids, aka Richard D. Ruttenberg and Peter "Dutchie" Dutch, are two producers who collaborate across two different continents to bring us meaningful and groovy tech-house. Pittsburgh-born, Miami-based Richard D. Ruttenberg is a classically trained jazz musician and graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston who now works extensively as a soundtrack and film score composer. He’s one-third of RiZe, whose breathtaking Four Beats & Some Sweets album was released on Superfreq in 2014. The other half of this duo is Peter Dutch aka Dutchie, an underrated player in the tech house scene with a distinctive sound who’s been active since the late ‘80s. He runs his own Right Nut Records and has released on the likes of Surreal, Bombis, and STARKfutures. Together they cook up "Sleeping In Leather", which offers three all new tracks of warm, futuristic and sophisticated dance floor funk.

Opener "Rubber Gob" is a brilliantly twisted track with squelchy bass and sci-fi effects throughout. It’s a wild cosmic journey that takes you up and down, round and round with rumbling bass and razor sharp percussion all adding to the brilliantly dynamic groove.

The wild "Disorderly Louts" is a thick, inventive tech tune with irresistible bass and loose percussion making you move. It has perfectly programmed drums and a real sense of narrative as it unfolds.

Last but not least, "Cardo Gem" is more spaced out, with pads stretching to an infinite horizon and swirling all around you. It makes for a curious and intriguing atmosphere that is as appealing to your head as it is your heel.

This is an innovative EP of cinematic and space age tech funk.

Delicate Droids - Sleeping In Leather
Release Date
March 2018
Label Superfreq

1. Rubber Gob
2. Disorderly Louts
3. Cardo Gem

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