Somebody by Cristian Viviano & Baglione

Paradise Music welcomes Cristian Viviano & Baglione with their groove-driven track, Somebody, including a stellar remix from Manda Moor.

Somebody by Cristian Viviano & Baglione Photo by Paradise Music

Born from Jamie Jones' iconic event series, 2023 has seen Paradise evolve into a go-to destination for top-tier productions featuring artists like Jay De Lys, Mikey V, and Gruuve. Now, in a first-time collaboration, Sicilians Cristian Viviano and Baglione, who have been garnering growing recognition through standout releases on Hottrax and CUFF, bring forth an irresistible house cut "Somebody," complemented by a mega remix from the Hot Creations favorite, Manda Moor.

Drawing influence from various genres, artists, and values we have in common, being born and raised in the same motherland, this release represents a significant milestone for us, and we couldn't be prouder that it's going to be out on Paradise Music.
Cristian Viviano & Baglione

The groove of "Somebody" reveals funky guitar riffs, catchy rap vocals, and house-infused shimmering chimes, building into a head-bopping bouncer perfectly crafted for big moments. Manda Moor then takes charge with playful, heavy-hitting drums loaded with swing and lively melodies for a fun-loving, feel-good anthem.

Cristian Viviano & Baglione - Somebody
Release Date February 2024
Label Paradise Music

A1. Somebody
B1. Somebody (Manda Moor Remix)

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