Sound Off EP by Federico Ambrosi

Verona native Federico Ambrosi joins Repopulate Mars with three bouncy house tracks entitled Sound Off EP including a collaboration alongside Italian duo Mhod.

Sound Off EP by Federico Ambrosi Photo by Repopulate Mars

Having released on labels like Basica Recordings, In The Loop, Flashmob Records, not to mention several releases on Paul’s Boutique, Federico Ambrosi is fast becoming one of Italy’s finest exports. He now joins Repopulate Mars alongside fine company, following on from releases by Solardo, Paolo Martini and Eli Brown.

"Sound Off" opens with a compelling groove composed of shuffling high hats, an infectious bassline and distorted vocal samples before "Galaxy" initiates with crunchy snares until electric stabs join shadowy effects. Finally, Paul’s Boutique’s Mhod join Ambrosi on "Blue Shade" for a production built on heady percussion and pulsating synths to conclude the package in style.

Federico Ambrosi - Sound Off EP
Release Date
March 2018
Label Repopulate Mars

1. Federico Ambrosi - Sound Off (Original Mix)
2. Federico Ambrosi - Galaxy (Original Mix)
3. Federico Ambrosi & Mhod - Blue Shade (Original Mix)

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