Speed Of Heart EP by Taube

Boysnoize Records welcomes back Taube with the glitchy and euphoric Speed Of Heart EP.

Speed Of Heart EP by Taube Art by Boysnoize Records

Following three EPs on Boys Noize's eponymous imprint, the Berlin-based Taube returns to Boysnoize Records with the "Speed Of Heart EP." The title track sets the tone by marking the EP with a distinct happy hardcore feel, boasting speedy arpeggios and wonky vocal snippets footed by robust drum work. Up next, "Werbellin Beats" continues with a pumping bassline, glitchy melodics, and raw hoovers perfect for late-night dancefloor hedonism.

Warehouse stomper "Gokay" then sees Taube implement scratchy synth textures and hypnotic low-end broken up by a fantastic tripped-out breakdown before "Gelitaka" closes the "Speed Of Heart EP."

Mind-melting vocals and murmuring sequences mark this final track on the EP, rounding off another varied, psychedelic, and rave-ready release from the promising Boysnoize artist who's previously won the support of VTSS, Cera Khin, Rebekah, Alienata, I Hate Models, ABSOLUTE., and many more.

Taube - Speed Of Heart EP
Release Date 9th February 2024
Label Boysnoize Records

01. Speed Of Heart
02. Werbellin Beats
03. Gokay
04. Gelitaka

Michael Kiechle Born in München. Living currently in Lisboa.