Spherax Records presents Stars

The 43rd overall release on Spherax Records sees Go Wild's Stars getting it's official single release with new remixes from Ciur, J Smyl and also a new Space Mix from Go Wild himself.

Spherax Records presents Stars Photo by Spherax Records

Albanian producer Aaron Sina aka 'Go Wild' first appeared on Spherax Records with his track 'Stars' which appeared on the labels second compilation entitled 'Spherax's 2nd'. Soon thereafter he delivered a jaw dropping remix of Alter Breed's 'Blue White' which earned support from: Markus Schulz and Jaytech. The 43rd overall release on Spherax sees 'Stars' getting it's official single release with new remixes from: Ciur, J Smyl and also a new 'Space Mix' from Go Wild.

The 'Stars' original mix is still as fresh and crisp sounding as it was on Spherax's 2nd. A simple but effective club groove with tight drums and a catchy lead arp lay the foundation of the record quite nicely. The vocal accents and sparse keys lead to the drop which is a warm atmospheric transition that builds back up nicely with the main lead coming back to the forefront. The addition of a low end bassy surge adds a wicked new element for the second half of the piece as it closes with an amazing epic vibe. Go Wild has also provided a new 'Space' Mix which focuses much more on the melodic aspects of the record all while still maintaining that dance floor edge. The melodic elements here are so clean and glassy that they are vibrant with emotional energy. It's a thicker, more driving groove as well which should serve those peak time progressive moments perfectly.

Italian producer Stefano Curnis aka Ciur makes his debut for Spherax here and provides the first remix of 'Stars'. Stefano has delivered a superb compliment to the more progressive originals with a deeper tech house mix. In completely stripping down and overhauling the piece Stefano has constructed a wicked late night dance floor groove. The shuffling rhythms and subtle melodic accents sound brilliantly refined and undeniably modern. Perfect for today's intelligent dance floors.

Dutch producer Jeroen Kerstens aka J Smyl makes his production debut here and provides the final interpretation of 'Stars'. Jeroen delivers an absolute monster of a remix here, the groovy bass line has enough groove to capsize a small boat and the electric dance floor energy is more that evident. As you're teased with the melodic elements from the original the track transitions into much techier territory before the gorgeous chords fade back into the mix and bring about the breakdown. Here a plethora of swirling atmospheric elements and processed vocal snips build to a massive crescendo before the thundering groove drops in for what will be a huge dance floor moment. Amazing production debut from J Smyl and it closes the package out extremely strong.

Go Wild - Stars
Release date: 6th December 2011
Label: Spherax Records

1 Go Wild - Stars
2 Go Wild - Stars (Space Mix)
3 Go Wild - Stars (Ciur Remix)
4 Go Wild - Stars (J Smyls Remix)

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