Stray Man by Filippos feat. Dimp

Filippos returns to Human By Default for a sublime pair of subversive house sounds on Stray Man.

Stray Man by Filippos feat. Dimp Photo by Human By Default

Greek trailblazer Filippos has released his stylish sounds on this label in the form of previous tracks like "After Why." His music aims to speak directly to listeners, and he mixes up odd sounds and unique drum designs with plenty of contemporary styles, all with plenty of fresh melodies.

The opener, "Stray Man," has a taught and tight bass loop that props up the thunderous claps as tender vocal whispers bring the soul. Urgent synths up the edginess of the groove and ensure the dance floor will remain firmly on its toes. Then comes "Places & Faces," another moody house cut with dark energy and snappy, militant snares. Balmy pads swirl up top, and angelic vocals at the breakdown mean this is another captivating and standout track.

Filippos feat. Dimp - Stray Man
Release Date October 2023
Label Human By Default

1. Stray Man feat. Dimp
2. Places & Faces feat. Dimp

Michael Kiechle Born in München. Living currently in Lisboa.