Sunny Days by Dennis Ferrer with Dawn Tallman

Music can provide the perfect antidote to times of trouble and uncertainty, with Dennis Ferrer's anticipated return to Defected and Sunny Days is a perfect example, balancing joy, soul, and reflection with this stunning dose of house goodness.

Sunny Days by Dennis Ferrer with Dawn Tallman Photo by Defected Records

Making his return to Defected after a four-year hiatus, this suitably triumphant homecoming is so aptly timed it's almost hard to believe it has existed on a hard drive in Dennis' studio for some time.

Speaking of the release Dennis said:
Sunny Days is about the pursuit of happiness, no matter the circumstances you're in. It's about trying to see the world through a child's eyes and knowing, that the sun will come out again. I wrote and recorded the vocals ages ago, yet they still ring true today. That goes to show you: life never stops throwing challenges at you; what defines you, is how you cope with it.

The hugely successful partnership between Dennis Ferrer and Defected has a remarkable and prolific history. Some of the label's biggest crossover hits have been delivered courtesy of Dennis's incredibly intuitive production skill, including "Hey Hey", "Mind Ur Step" and "Church Lady". Now returning with "Sunny Days", with a powerful lead vocal provided by Dawn Tallman, Dennis' (now grown-up) children also sing on the track, their youthful voices reciting Dennis' Sunny Days "mantra": Let us find the way, let us celebrate, till our sunny days come around.
With flawless production from start to finish, Dennis's exceptional studio capabilities shine through more so than ever on his latest Defected cut, a joyous, soulful, and groove-filled release destined to enchant its listeners.

Dennis Ferrer with Dawn Tallman - Sunny Days
Release Date 21st August 2020
Label Defected Records

1. Dennis Ferrer with Dawn Tallman - Sunny Days

Lucy St John Guest Writer