Tehuti Wisdom by Sounds Of Khemit

Sounds Of Khemit continues to introduce its rich array of talent with another Various Artists EP that features Sanoi & Zuke, Bákayan, and Kyongpaul.

Tehuti Wisdom by Sounds Of Khemit Art by Sounds of Khemit

This is a label that is intent on transporting listeners to higher states of consciousness with its music. It's about sounds that strengthen the soul and bring harmony and joy to everyday life. The fantastic 11 track Khepri compilation was a testament to that and this new EP is another sure step on the journey.

Say the label of the inspiration for this project, "The Khemitian Master of Masters Tehuti, known as Thoth and as Hermes for the Greeks, is the master of wisdom, the scribe of God. He is responsible for all human knowledge and is the master of learning, writing, science, art, and magic and a founder of all major disciplines from science to astrology, alchemy to magic. Most myths speak of the venerated Tehuti as a man with impeccable persuasive and speaking skills whose ancient Khemit wisdom has been lost for thousands of years. Our goal at Sounds of Khemit is to bring it back to society and we believe his greatest wisdom is the way ancient Khemitians used sound. In their hands sound was not only able to spread joy and happiness but also able to heal mental and physical states, and we hope to do the same."

To open up, German producer Sanoi, who has released his warming grooves on the likes of Bar25, ZEHN, and Still Vor Talent, links with bass enthusiast and beatmaker Zuke. Their "Morphology" is an exquisite nine-minute house symphony. The lush chords and majestic melodies dance about the deep groove and take your mind into the stars.

Bákayan is an artist who started playing guitar and singing in his early years then fell for electronic rhythms. He has a wide range of styles that have taken him to labels like Kindisch and A Tribe Called Kotori. He offers the excellent "Ala Bora," a dynamic rhythm with rubbery drums and rounded toms scattered about the mix. There is drama in the chords and string stabs that brings a certain tension while a tribal vocal adds another hypnotic layer.

Kyongpaul is a Berlin-based house and techno live band by jazz-drummer Hannes Dunker and producer Buddy Meyerholz. They have an improvisational style that is showcased on the excellent "Yellow Cape," which is the edgiest and darkest track of the EP. The well-designed drums are coarse, with frazzled pads making for an uneasy cosmic atmosphere as this one rolls on into the night.

Various Artists - Tehuti Wisdom
Release Date February 2022
Label Sounds of Khemit

01. Sanoi, Zuke - Morphology
02. Bákayan - Ala Bora
03. Kyongpaul - Yellow Cape

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