Insurrection EP by SLVSTR

SLVSTR lands on Arkham XXX with a rave techno EP alongside remixes from Ayako Mori, Luciid, Balrog, Cri Du Coeur, and more.

Insurrection EP by SLVSTR Art by Arkham xxx/Arkham Audio

The title track of SLVSTR's "Insurrection EP" launches the release into the outer reaches of space, deep acid lines covering its speedy and continuous beat, before Ireland's Luciid remixes the track, amping up its durable, high-energy hardcore drums with electric hoovers. "Contrasts" is next, revisited by Balrog, who turns the original's sizzling, crackling, and bubbling synths into a trance-inducing frenzy.

"Malevolent" and Physical Techno Recordings, Kalmary Records, and Unbekannt/ Label head Ayako Mori's subsequent remix crashes onto the listener like a wave of rhythm and sound before "Revolted Mind" comes in with an epic sense of scale and depth, each track possessing unmatched power. This track enlists two remixers, calling in the dark and heavy industrial flavors of Sonic Groove's MAEDON first before Natasja infuses the track with euphoric vocals and subtle 303 droplets. Last on the line-up is "Scutoid," a psychedelic hard techno track marked by machine-like mechanisms shifting and interlocking, label boss Cri Du Coeur and Erratum teaming up to deliver a rolling remix to close out this stellar offering on the Arkham XXX label.

SLVSTR is a Belgian artist with previous releases on Rebekah's Decoy Records and Fever Recordings, Unusual Recordings, and Black Square Recordings. Alongside this, his name can often be found sharing the bill with artists like Fatima Hajji, Frankyeffe, Tom Hades, Angy Kore, Dr. Lektroluv, and Airod.

SLVSTR - Insurrection EP
Release Date 2nd September 2023
Label Arkham xxx

01. Insurrection
02. Insurrection (Luciid Remix)
03. Contrasts
04. Contrasts (Balrog Remix)
05. The Malevolent
06. The Malevolent (Ayako Mori Remix)
07. Revolted Mind
08. Revolted Mind (MAEDON Remix)
09. Revolted Mind (Natasja Remix)
10. Scutoid
11. Scutoid (Cri Du Coeur & Erratum Remix)

Michael Kiechle Born in München. Living currently in Lisboa.