Telephone Call EP by Luca Cazal

When the bass has more bounce than a rogue space hopper and the energy from the track is reaching dangerous levels of blood sugar, it’s got to be a Luca Cazal production.

Telephone Call EP by Luca Cazal Photo by Classic Music Company

‘Telephone Call’ is that record; a bona fide club smasher that heads up this EP and will have fellow DJs and club heads falling over themselves. The ‘Telephone Call EP’ also includes ‘A Thing Called J’ featuring S L F, and ‘Z’s House’ featuring Rogue D, two records that are polished to that unmistakeable Luca Cazal high gloss shine, all served up with his mischievous sense of humour.
Luca makes a welcome addition to Classic’s ranks with this infectious firecracker of an EP. His status as a producer has already been proved, and this link-up with Classic simply serves to carve out his intentions as a front-running solo artist.

Luca Cazal - Telephone Call EP
Release Date 26th September 2016
Label Classic Music Company

1. Luca Cazal - Telephone Call
2. Luca Cazal Featuring Rogue D - Z’s House
3. Luca Cazal Featuring S L F - A Thing Called J

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