The great animal quiz

The great animal quiz is for those that think they know everything about the animal kingdom. Test your knowledge today.

The great animal quiz. Photo by Charles Pragnell Photo by Charles Pragnell

1. The heaviest living animals are all whales, but which one is the heaviest of them all?

Blue whale
North Pacific right whale
Humpback whale

2. Usain Bolt is fast, but which mammal is the absolute world record holder and make Usain Bolt look slow?


3. The mushroom Amanita phalloides, commonly known as the Death Cap, is a deadly poisonous mushroom. What is the name of the toxin it releases?


4. The worlds most venomous snakes is a list filled with scary animals that litterly can kill you, but which one is the most venomous one?

Eastern brown snake
Inland Taipan
Many-banded krait

5. The heaviest land animals are all mammals. Which one is the absolute heavyweight champion of the world?

White rhinoceros
African bush elephant

6. The most popular cat name in the United States, according to a 2010 survey is this name. Can you figure out which one?


7. The fastest land animal is the cheetah. But, which animal is far faster than the cheetah if we are to include birds and fish?

Black marlin
Peregrine falcon

8. Which is the fastest moving land snake and the second longest venomous snake species in the world?

King Cobra
Black mamba
Gaboon viper

9. Not everyone is a fan of reptiles, but there is one specific reptile that is extraordinarily fast, which reptile are we looking for?

Green Iguana
Six-lined racerunner

10. The deadliest animal to humans might not be the one you think. Do you know which one of these ones kill more humans per year than any other?


11. When it comes to heaviest living birds, there is only one champion. Do you know which living bird is the heaviest?

Southern cassowary
Common ostrich

12. Primates are fasinating animals, which one is the largest non-human primate?

Western gorilla
Bornean orangutan
Eastern gorilla
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