The new Mini Countryman gets bigger

With an additional six centimeters in height and thirteen centimeters in length, the new Mini Countryman has grown noticeably compared to its predecessor.

The new Mini Countryman gets bigger Photos by BMW

In the interior, the robust Mini Adventurer offers even more space, comfort, and safety - Even off the beaten track, thanks to all-wheel drive. The new Mini Experience Modes and expanded driving assistant systems, including the voice-controlled Mini Intelligent Personal Assistant, make excursions in the new Mini Countryman even more comfortable and entertaining. The all-electric drivetrain contributes to this, enhancing the brand's hallmark driving fun with two power output levels. As the first Mini made in Germany, the model also breaks new ground in production.

The 4,433 mm long, 1,843 mm wide, and 1,656 mm high Mini Countryman is a stylish all-rounder and a spacious everyday companion. Thanks to the wheelbase, which has been increased to 2,692 mm, comfort has been further improved. The all-electric Mini Countryman is available in two performance levels: As a Mini Countryman E with an output of 150 kW/204 hp and a torque of 250 Nm, it has a range of 462 km. The Mini Countryman SE ALL4 with 230 kW/313 hp and 494 Nm has achieved a wide of 433 km.

In its electrified third generation, the largest model in the new Mini family continues the brand's journey into an era of locally emission-free electric mobility. The compact crossover model has been on course for success since its market launch in 2010, with five doors and - new for Mini at the time - more than four meters long. No wonder: after all, the optional all-wheel drive of this powerfully motorized adventurer ensures safe and unbridled driving fun - even off the beaten track.

The new Mini design language: Charismatic Simplicity.
The design of the new Mini model generation is modern, digital, and unmistakable. With the new Mini family, the brand drives fun, the user experience, and a responsible attitude into a new era. This comprehensive transformation on the way to becoming an all-electric brand by 2030 is reflected in the authentic design of the latest models, combining progressive technology with the elementary principles of the brand's body design and origins. In doing so, it incorporates Mini's urban character and the sheer joy of innovation.

The exterior design: expressive Minimalism with character.
With its upright and Minimalist silhouette, the new Mini Countryman embodies a compact crossover vehicle's adventurous flair, versatility, and reliability. The car's expressive off-road character is defined by typical Mini proportions, ensuring the new Mini Countryman has a high recognition value. Short overhangs, a short bonnet, and the contrasting long wheelbase with large wheels combine classic Mini design features with an athletically grown body.

In addition, the new design of the Mini Countryman embraces improved aerodynamics to achieve environmentally friendly consumption figures based on this aspect of the vehicle as well. The result is an impressive CD value of 0.26 for the all-electric Mini Countryman - compared to 0.31 in the predecessor model. As such, the next-generation Mini crossover model achieves a new optimum compared to its competitors, embracing clever vehicle design with a Minimal footprint.

Front of the new Mini Countryman

The modern exterior design is supported by clear-cut surfaces, a slightly curved roof with a seamless transition to the newly designed C-pillar in a trim-specific shape, and the characteristic circumferential Black Band. The distinctive C-pillar element creates a new, evident stage for differentiating between different models, equipment options, and subsequent editions. The design depends on the selected equipment and thus differentiates between the equipment variants. Graphics and lettering are Minimalistic, blend harmoniously with the bas-relief, and also match the color of the chosen contrasting roof.

Reduction to the essentials results in hallmark Mini design features such as the visual three-part division in the vehicle body, a circumferential window area, and a contrasting roof having an even more significant impact, allowing the new design language to develop a powerful presence.

Purist design for a powerful presence and increased dynamic performance.
As with the body design, the front headlights are no longer framed with chrome elements, resulting in the front section having a focused expression. With the tautly curved bonnet, the slightly wider track, and the raised body, the most versatile Mini exudes superior robustness.

Viewed from the side, the new Mini Countryman has a Minimalist appearance with a powerful presence. The circumferential Black Band
is narrower than on the predecessor. The distinctive design of the C-pillar supports the roofline at the rear of the vehicle while at the same time making it appear shorter. This makes the entire vehicle body look more upright, emphasizing the character of the new Mini Countryman. Rims of up to 20 inches in various designs add to the robust appearance. The focus is much more on the body color, generating an elegant appearance.

Mini Countryman design details

As a result of the new Mini aesthetic, the rear section has an exceptionally consistent appearance with its transparent surfaces and flush rear lights. Here, the vertical light cluster quotes the classic Mini lights and frames the large central section of the vehicle's rear. This emphasizes the new Mini Countryman's broader stance while giving the body an exceptionally high-quality and upright appearance. As with the front headlights, the rear lights can highlight specific vehicle characteristics utilizing different modes. The pronounced shoulder section reinforces the powerful impression of the new Mini Countryman. The back tapers below the model inscription, visually dividing the rear into two sections. The rear apron in the lower area emphasizes the vehicle's solid stance, while the generous upper surface makes the car look lighter.

Four individual trims and new roof colors.
With Vibrant Silver, a new shade expands the Mini Countryman's range of characteristic contrasting roofs. In addition, the model is available in four different trims. The Essential Trim presents maximum clarity and a reduced overall appearance, highlighting certain functional parts, such as the logo in the new color Vibrant Silver. The new range of external paint finishes underlines the modernity of the new Mini Adventurer, setting positive accentuations with bright tones such as Indigo Sunset Blue.

While the Classic Trim primarily applies to the interior, the Favoured Trim features particularly expressive details on the exterior. This trim variant, for example, offers the new Mini Countryman the option of choosing the new Vibrant Silver shade for the roof, matching the contrasting front grille.

Meanwhile, the John Cooper Works (JCW) Trim lends maximum emphasis to the sporty flair of the Mini Countryman with a distinctive front and rear design. The front grille frame and logo in high-gloss black emphasize the car's powerful overall impression, together with the trim-specific bonnet stripes in red and black. A contrasting roof in Chili Red - inspired by motorsports - along with the striking C-pillar in the same color and a JCW logo optionally emphasizes the hallmark Mini driving dynamics.

Mini Countryman Interior Details

Electrified go-kart feeling based on progressive drivetrain technology.
The new Mini Countryman enables locally emission-free mobility and all-electric driving fun. The wholly renewed powertrain and the increased electric range allow you to go on excursions beyond the city limits - with two powerful electric motors and all-wheel drive. The vehicle is fully electric in the Countryman E variant and has increased output and all-wheel drive as the Countryman SE ALL4.

The 150 kW/204 hp electric motor in the Mini Countryman E achieves 250 Nm of torque, accelerates from a standstill to 100 km/h in 8.6 seconds, and reaches a top speed of 170 km/h. With 230 kW/313 hp, the electric motors in the all-wheel-drive Mini Countryman SE ALL4 achieve a combined torque of 494 Nm, accelerate the vehicle from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds, and reach a top speed of 180 km/h. The powerful battery has an energy capacity of 66.45 kWh.

The new Mini Countryman is also available with innovative and efficient petrol engines. It is offered as the Mini Countryman C with front-wheel drive, an all-wheel drive Mini Countryman S ALL4, and an increased-output model with all-wheel drive in the variant Mini Countryman JCW ALL4. The new Mini Countryman will also be available as a diesel variant.

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