Twisty EP by Anja Schneider

Knee Deep In Sound is set to release Anja Schneider’s Twisty EP in August, accompanied by remixes from William Djoko and Alex Arnout.

Twisty EP by Anja Schneider Photo by Anja Schneider

Anja has played several Knee Deep parties around the world and she now delivers two new tracks for the label. ‘Twisty’ takes the lead seeing Scheinder deliver a heady drum groove and modulating percussion alongside an amalgamation of chords, stab sequences and spiralling synth swells to create a dark and brooding opener. ‘Free Fall’ follows and tips the vibe over to a stripped-back groove led style with infectious synth hooks and stuttering vocal chops lying at the forefront.

William Djoko’s take on ‘Twisty’ steps up next, and the Dutch artist stamps his unique spin on things with bumpy drums and dubbed out snippets of the original’s synth work. Alex Arnout then closes the package with his take on ‘Free Fall’ delivering a more classic take via bright chord progressions and robust rhythms.

Anja Schneider - Twisty EP
Release Date
4th August 2017
Label Knee Deep In Sound

1. Twisty
2. Free Fall
3. Twisty (William Djoko Remix)
4. Free Fall (Alex Arnout Remix)

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