URuk EP by Benny T

Afro tech mainstay Benny T continues to lead the scene from the front with a fresh two-tracker on All Electronic Music.

URuk EP by Benny T Art by All Electronic Music

Born and bred in Botswana, Benedict Thuto Mabe takes his musical inspiration from both traditional and modern life. He fuses afro rhythms, modern techno, and deep tech with uplifting pads and strings to form his signature sound. He is now picking up plenty of international attention and is at the heart of a movement he calls Tswana Perspectives Music.

The opener "URuk" is a late-night and cosmic house groove. Toms roll over the pillowy kicks, majestic chords layer in plenty of emotion, and twinkling keys hang in the air like distant stars. Add in the smooth vocal chants and you have an exquisitely escapist track.

"Point of No Return" is an elegant house track with big hits and chunky tribal drums. They provide a warm and bouncy rhythmic base from which the spiritual pads do their thing, uplifting the soul. It adds up to a classy and atmospheric six-minute journey.

Benny T - URuk EP
Release Date April 2022
Label All Electronic Music

1. URuk
2. Point Of No Return

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